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DAKA-TEX factory is one of the top-10 large knitted vertically integrated factories in Uzbekistan. The production is equipped with modern equipment. The sewing direction has 12 full threads with professional and advanced full-cycle sewing equipment JUKI (Japan).

Sewing production, factory DAKA-TEX

The sewing complex of the DAKA-TEX factory begins with an experimental workshop whose tasks include the development of patterns according to time-sheets, layout of minimarkers for cutting with the least losses, creation of product samples for customers, work on improving the technical parameters of the product, testing, etc.

The next step is preparing the canvas for a specific model. DAKA-TEX factory makes its own paintings in its own Knitting и Tinting workshops. This integration allows factories and customers:

  • control the timing
  • do not overpay for canvas and dyeing
  • exclude risks on the canvas (terms, defects, non-delivery of the canvas, etc.)
Single-loop circular knitting Pilotelli car (Italy)

In the process of working with customers, we coordinate absolutely all the elements and all stages: canvas, colorings, all samples, packaging, labeling, delivery features, etc.

Our customers are confident in their production!