Cutting shop

Cutting fabrics is an important and initial process in the production of finished garments.

It all starts with our professional designers who develop and create patterns (if they are not provided by the customer). Then the patterns are laid out on minimarkers in a special CAD program from Gerber Technology with maximum efficiency. At the same time, the layout method is calculated automatically, sorting through hundreds of thousands of different variations. This way we achieve web utilization up to 95-98%.

The next step is to grow the canvas. In order to grow without wrinkles, distortions and tensions, automated equipment from the Turkish manufacturer of flooring machines? Zbilim is used.

Automatic flooring machine from a Turkish manufacturer? Zbilim

DAKA-TEX factory modernized all processes, including replenishing the cutting shop with an automatic cutting machine Bullmer (Germany). Bullmer is a leader in digital cutting equipment. Bullmer brand equipment is the most advanced today, cutting the blade is carried out with the greatest accuracy and as quickly as possible.

Automatic cutting machine manufactured by Bullmer (Germany)

Some complex parts are cut out mechanically on band-cutting machines. DAKA-TEX also has such machines in its arsenal - these are cutting machines of the ASTRON brand (Turkey).

At all stages of the production process, DAKA-TEX introduced quality control system. This allows you to timely detect discrepancies and instantly respond, reducing manufacturing defects to zero.

Cut out details are checked immediately after their cutting. This operation is performed by the controllers-trimmers. They superimpose alternately the upper, lower and middle parts from the bundle on the corresponding pattern and check for any contraction, shortening or skew in the cut part. If inaccuracies are found, the pack is neatly folded and the marked inaccuracies are eliminated on the tape machine.

Below are some photos of this process: