One of the new divisions of the DAKA-TEX factory is the printing shop. The workshop is equipped with two silk-screen printing machines of the Portuguese company ROQ:

  • round (model SROQUE ECO P16C12) for 12 colors. Print sizes 95 × 65 cm.
  • oval (model SROQUE OVAL PRO P40C16) for 16 colors. Print sizes 50 × 70 cm.

The fixation of the print is achieved in modern tunnel drying drying equipment for printing, the length of which is 9 meters. Drying equipment has two conveyor belts. This design allows you to quickly fix the packing on the canvas without creating queues. In addition, ROQ carousels are equipped with intermediate drying equipment in 500 * 700 mm and 600 * 800 mm sizes.

Precise cliches, matrices, are created thanks to the latest device for stretching nets for printing, exhibiting installations for preparing stencils and other modern machines.

Below are some photos of the print shop:

The printing possibilities of the DAKA-TEX factory are almost endless. So, thanks to ROQ equipment, it is possible to produce the following "special effects" when printing: glitter, suede effect, metallic sheen, dullness or volumetric printing (puff), foil effect, etc.

The above equipment can work with various types of paints: solvent based, water based paints, plastisol paints, chemically cured, with ultraviolet polymerization and others.