Capabilities and Power

The DAKA-TEX factory is constantly working to expand its capabilities and increase capacity. First of all, we are focused on the quality of our products, minimizing costs, and fulfilling orders on time.

Production capacity

  • Spinning: 300 tons per month
  • Knitting: 140 tons per month
  • Dyeing: 300 tons per month
  • Printing: 260 thousand units per month
  • Sewing: 400 thousand items per month

And this is not the limit! The above capacities are achieved thanks to perfectly debugged processes and advanced modern equipment.


Modern fashion does not stand still. Designers regularly come up with incredible things, complex mechanisms on products, accessories and much more. In turn, a modern factory should be ready for such requests, which is why the DAKA-TEX company is equipped with modern equipment, including:

  • Equipment of a full cycle Reiter (Switzerland)
  • System of deep cleaning of cotton Jossi Vision Shield (Switzerland)
  • Knitting machines Pilotelli (Italy) and Pailung Knitel DK (Thailand)
  • Gerber Software
  • Printing equipment from ROQ (Portugal) in 12 and 16 colors
  • Equipment for flooring fabric for cutting Ozbilim (Turkey)
  • Automatic computer cutting machine Bullmer (Germany)
  • Dyeing equipment Canlar mekatronik (Turkey), Eliar Elektronik (Turkey)



Knitted fabric

Prints and Printings

Sophisticated Sewing Products